The Altrax company was founded in 2021 as a family business dedicated to implementation of quartz product (pure quartz content above 99,5% ) to the European country markets. Our company has the exclusive right to disposal of the processing plant products from the quartz sand pit “Stefanów Ruszkowski I “ located in Brzeźnio Commune in the district of Sieradz (Łódź voivodeship) to the UE markets. The richness of a Granite deposit (25 mln ton) and the sand pit is owned by EKO2.sp.zoo , headquartered in Olsztyn.

Our Family has a significant ownership in EKO2.sp.zoo. We are able to equal every requirement of our clients. EKO2 is able to extract and process around 1million tons of sand quartz per year



Alicja Suszek

  • 00 48 724 057 298

Bartosz Górny

Commercial director (CEO)
  • 00 48 500 125 544

Agnieszka Marceniuk

Sales Representative (Italy)
  • 00 39 351 6857255

Alicja Suszek ALTRAX
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ul. Lwowska 8/49, 20-128 Lublin

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